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JavaScript Studio is light app but capable to do many thing we need on our phone, you can code JavaScript, CSS, HTML. JavaScript Studio works on all devices, We are trying to maintain this app updated with new features and implementation on ideas, any idea that comes to our mind becomes to JavaScript Studio, Love and code on any device.

Customize JavaScript Studio

Customize JavaScript Studio editor using your favorite color or image, We were thinking that you may like to change the white and black color for the editor, in the new update we have added a new setting options, these options allows you to set your favorite color for the code editor, the background color for the editor can be set too with your favorite color, if you want to use an image as background on the code editor you can set "Transparent" color on the background setting, the image from the "Home Background" will be used.

File Reading

What about read files you create on the app you are coding? in the version 2.0 was introduced file creation and file reading while you can still use that feature, in the version 4.0 we introduced file reading by coding JavaScript, easy as is :

<p id="myfilecontent"></p>
  var jss = jscriptstudio;
  jss.File.Read("myfile.txt", "readMyFile");
  function readFiles() {
  document.getElementById("myfilecontent").innerHTML = readMyFile();
<input type="button" onclick="readFiles()" value="Read Files" />

The code above is everything you need to read file from the app you are coding
The line Load:jscriptstudio.js; is required to load the library, in other words this is a library we have developed in the app to make it works once you call this code the library is included, if you don't add this line you won't be able to read files.

The line <p id="myfilecontent"></p> is where the file content will be placed but you can use any html tag you want.

The line var jss = jscriptstudio; is just to make the code short you can use jscriptstudio if you want instead of creating a variable.

The line jss.File.Read("myfile.txt", "readMyFile"); request the file myfile.txt when the file is found it returns the file content into a JavaScript function named readMyFile(), note that the function name returned is the same name you wrote on when you requested the file, the function returns a string content, in others words the syntaxis is jss.File.Read("FILENAME", "FUNCTIONNAME");

The line
  function readFiles() {
  document.getElementById("myfilecontent").innerHTML = readMyFile();

Is a function we create to read all content from files, you can return the file content from any function you want, readMyFile() is the function returned when we request the file.

The line <input type="button" onclick="readFiles()" value="Read Files" /> is the input button where when we click it reads the file content.

Where JavaScript Studio Runs by now?

JavaScript Studio is available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Android Phones, iOS, iPhoneX, etc you can code wherever you are. JavaScript Studio allows you to create apps, save the app with a name, you can edit this app you can run it and you can delete it. Your favorite JavaScript code, CSS, HTML is now part of your phone, because you have a Smartphone why you don't make it smarter?
If you are Android User you can download the app on Google Play, If you are Windows 10 user you can download the app from Microsoft Store and you are Apple User iOS iPhoneX, iOS devices you can download the app on the App Store. Tap one of the following App Store to download JavaScript Studio.

Free Versions

JavaScript Studio Free versions are great for those who only want to code JavaScript, HTML, Css and other framework from the internet like Jquery. These versions are the same as paid versions that are named JavaScript Studio Pro the only difference are on features.

Paid Versions

The paid version has a lot of features some of them are

  • File Reading in using JavaScript Code
  • JavaScript Intellisense
  • HTML Toolbox
  • Error Checking
  • Export Apps as HTML or Text files to any folder on your device
  • Pin each app you create in the Start Screen
  • Change Background Image
  • Error Checking
  • Share Code with your team
  • Split code and designer (live preview of your code)
  • Turorials help
  • Help request button (f1)

Getting this app you are supporting the future on the mobile app and once you get it you will love it. Also you are supporting us to maintain this app updated.
Tap one of the following App Store to download JavaScript Studio Pro


If you are a web developer this app is great for you because you know that sometimes you have your phone on your hands and you are thinking in a code that you would like to write and your computer is on your home and this is the moment where JavaScript Studio help you, because you don't want to miss any code from your mind, having installed it on your phone will make you more productive while you are out without your computer.

If you are learning how to code JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JavaScript Studio is for you, the small code you write in this app can be saved, you can modify it later or continue adding more code to the app you create. You will learn to code faster than you think. there are some links and resources where you can learn to code, fast, easy and free.

We would like to know what do you think about this app. any comment or any idea you have or feature rquest please let us know.

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